Dec 31, 2003


You ever notice the only time you lose something and find the need to look for it, are the times right before you have to leave for somewhere and you need it for something?

But of course for the last 2 weeks it has meant nothing, not a care as to where or what it is. But now you're running late and the need to know where said object is and because it is imperative that it leave your home with you. Than and only than does it becomes a mad obsession.

You have to find it. Right now at this moment, because later will not suffice. At this juncture there is no later.

The only thing worse than the frenzied and panicked scramble, is when you call out the search party (you know, whoever finds it necessary to help out) that it becomes a life or death predicament.

Than when you have looked everywhere and have exhausted all you top secret resources (like looking in between the couch cushions or digging through the trash) that you try to call off the dogs from this code blue DEF-CON 5 engagement, that now it becomes a dire situation.

Now the rescue party doesn't listen (believing they know what's most prudent at this juncture), they continue looking for said object with idée fixe that makes King Kong's fixation on blonds seem like a passing fancy.

At this time I have accepted that the long lost object is MIA-presumed dead. I'm playing TAPS on the now long gone dealie-bob (can you believe I actually got that word from

During this moment the search party are still collecting data and going over the files and statistics repeatedly making sure that no stone went unturned (ergo looking in the same spots over and over again, yet coming up with the same results repeatedly). Yet here I am going (and yes I am making the stupid quote marks with my fingers) "its gone fergetaboutit!"

Now 10 minutes has gone by and I have mourned the missing object and I have found the strength to go on.

I am informed that the rescue parties have finally come to the same conclusion that I came to (even though I came to it 10 minutes earlier), it's gone the way of the planes over the Bermuda Triangle, gone, poof and mysteriously disappeared.

Why do I bring this up? Because I seem to find a little bit of happiness in the fact that since I could not rescue said object from the jaws of mystery that neither could anyone else.

I gave up on said object earlier, than to watch my cohorts frantically search the same places as if they were virginal and untouched (even though I know that not less than 30 seconds ago they had checked the same place). Needless to say it brought up a wonderful conclusion and anecdote, which I choose to share.

Look for something only as long as you have to.

There are things, no matter what you do, that happen. Not for the good or the bad, but they JUST happen.

Life with all of its ups, and downs, does not mean keep looking back and searching in the places you have already looked. It's about looking around as we travel forward, facing the future and exploring the unknown.

So today............... I Like It Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dec 19, 2003


LOL...just my way of saying leave a message when you visit. Tonight's a short entry day. Just wanted to say that little blurb is all. Since I don't work tomorrow, I'll go on my usual rant about something or other... but for now I'm...

J2 thas me

Dec 12, 2003


My friends and countryman, its winter time in the Midwest. It happens every year. It's almost a seasonal occurrence, and people are already complaining. This is an annoyance. Seriously. But not the most irritating one.

What’s worse, you ask? People in the Midwest who say "well it’s the first snowfall” and this excuses you for driving like an idiot!

NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is not acceptable. It won't be acceptable later today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

That excuse only works if you moved here from Florida or any place that has summer all year round.

But if you have lived in the Midwest all your life......PLEASE SHUT UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN!

Why are these people on my naughty list? Why do these people deserve a special hell that involves small openings, broken glass a,d lots of water?

"Well" said the writer with an evil gleam in his eye, “The reason these people piss me off is because it’s not their first snow fall!”

You’ve seen snow fall a million times, and you driven walked and ran in said snow falls. So it shouldn't be a surprise if it’s slippery...unless you're an idiot!

I mean come on already. I could sit here and tear you all a new one but I won’t have too, you all know who you are so STOP IT ALLREADY!

Now don't get me wrong, I think most drivers are idiots when you add one of these elements

* booze (duh),
* any in climate weather (rain sleet snow etc.)
* the statement "I just got my license"
* the freeway (oh come on we're all geniuses till you put any of us on the freeway because we either turn into Dale Earnhart or were driving Miss Daisy).

But to sit and complain that the 6 car pile up was because of the first snow, in a state that is known for it's winter vacation spots that include snow and snow related activities, is just plain idiotic.