Jul 18, 2007


"Without music life would be a mistake."
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I read a blog where the writer does this every once in a while. He turns on his I-pod hits shuffle than writes, and shares the music. Well I don't have an I-pod, but between the music that I do have I set up a bunch of random stuff so let's get the show on the road

At this moment Cochise by Audislave is playing. It's such a great rock song. I find myself headbanging to it all the time. I just finished watching the Eureka on SCI FI. Check it out. It's a lot of fun.

The Man In Black is kickin it with I Walk The Line. He may have never been a great singer, but Johnny Cash is without a doubt a great songwriter, who honestly belives in the less is more approach. And yes I was a fan before the movie. Which was very good by the way.

I still don't know why I like this band, but I do. I can't name 98% of their songs but Oasis is very cool. The room is being filled with Wonderwall right now, and though it aint my most fave song by them, it sure is better than a lot of the crap that get's played on the radio. I got so sick of the radio and all the top 40 crap being played, I was listening to a station that was playing "all the hits of the 60's and 70's." There is something kind of odd yet refreshing hearing Fleetwood Mac, the Ramones, Beach Boys and the Bee Gees.

OK the Foo Fighters is by far one the coolest straight up rock n roll bands to come out in forever, and Best of You is one of the coolest rock songs that they do. I miss Nirvana though. I miss the passion and angst that Kurt Cobain possesed. Suicide pises me off. I have a lot of troubles forgiving those people who take the easy way out. It's like cutting off your arm instead of trimming a finger nail. It's an extreme stupidity for a single moment of pain.

Trace Adkins is singing about One Hot Mama, and now I'm thinking about my wife. Wait who am I kidding, I think about her a whole lot of the time. She just cut her hair, and I told her it looked nice, except that she missed this tiny spot, and that turned into a "OH GREAT I TRASHED MY HAIR" thing. This is the same girl who spent all this time on her hair one day, JUST so she could put a hat on. Maybe it's safer not getting it.

One by Metallica is starting now. I actually saw Johnny Got His Gun as a PBS play and it was so disturbing. I had nightmares for months. When I saw the video for One it brought back all those nightmares. You know I also saw the Elephant Man as a PBS play too. For some reason I want to say that David Bowie was in it. Hmmm, I may have to look that up one of these days.

Brooks and Dunne, Hillbilly Deluxe may not be my first choice but still a rockin song. Sorry, just had a bathroom break.

WOW, these guys are good. Has anyone heard of 36 Crazyfists or the song The Heart and The Shape. This is my first time hearing them and it. Some very cool head banging metal, very cool tune.

There are some bands who just sound so good no matter what it is they sing. Alice in Chains is one of those bands. The tune playing right now What The Hell Have I, and I am so groovin to it right now. You know I sorta feel like those guys who will continue to talk into your answering machine/voice mail just to take up space and time. Oh, wait, umm...hehe..sorry, I am one of those guys. I hate guys like that.

Ok I think this will be the last song of the night. DAMN...it's a long one. Radar Love by Golden Earring, is a great road song. I have no clue how many times this song has accompanied your truly on a Destination Nowhere Road Trip. Ok just in case I have never mentioned a DNRT is when you get in your car, you get on a/any highway and you drive. You give yourself a time limit of some kind. Whether it's actual time, a fill up, or whatever you decide on, and you drive. When you get to your limit you stop and see where you are. It's a great way to see the state you live in. It also helps when you have the wanderlust bug bite your ass.

OK, thanks for listening with me. Talk to you soon.