Aug 7, 2009


John Hughes has passed away

This makes me very sad.

Aug 5, 2009


Yesterday, after watching the commercials for years...I finally went to a

. was OK, although, Jeff was very happy with this choice.  It seems that on this particular day, the young 'uns of the female persuasion were out in droves.  I never realized how creepy

AND embarrassing it is to be around a 50+ year old who was checking the over 18 & under 25 years olds was.

...I finally saw the "G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra" movie trailer and the 12 year old in me got a woody!!  Serious wood.

...when asked what I expected from the GI Joe the movie, this was the conversation

Me - "Stuff blowing up, lot of guns and Snake Eyes."

Them - "What about a good story?"

Me - "This isnt 'Schindlers List', it's a movie based on a cartoon, that was based off the toys about soldiers that had all these guns, yet no one was ever killed, and I don't recall anyone getting shot."

Them "So a good story in NOT important?"

Me - "If it has one, GREAT!  If it doesn't, Great!  It's like sex. Whether you have good sex or bad sex, you're still having sex.  YOOOOOO JOOOOOOOE!!!"

...I was asked my opinion on the healthcare system, and here it is.

If the healthcare system was about helping people, that is what it would do.  But It's not.  It's about making money.

We have had people in charge of the money, bring America to it's knees.  We have an oil industry that has a vice like grip on the wallets and purses of each and everyone of us.  The companies that could create new jobs on American soil; instead they are closing factories and sending their products all over the world, where they can get the same product made for pennies on the dollar.

The government is not afraid nor does it respect it's citizens, the voices of the common man or woman will never be heard.

What the government does respect is money.  The more money you give them, the more important you "idea" is, and right now the healthcare industry is just one really fat wallet, that spends millions of dollars in the political arena, so that it can continue to make billions of dollars off the people who's factories just shut down.  Who can't afford to drive, and find a new job because the gas prices just went up. Of course during all this the bank is foreclosing on their home.

Sure, a reformed healthcare system is a nice idea and, at least in America, that's all it's going to be.

...I was then told I am long winded.

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I am tired this morning

So I am going to sleep

I'll be back to write later

I didn't want you to think that I was being lazy

Be back after my sleep

Aug 4, 2009


If you haven't noticed Summer 2009 is almost over.

Some will complain, claiming that we didn't have a summer. That the weather was uncooperative, that we had that one hot week and that was it.

That's not the summer. Those are just moments in time when we felt inconvenienced. When we focused on the few things we had no control over, and we overlook all the marvelous things that did happen.

That my friends is "summer."

You want proof?

Everybody that got tans or sunburns from lying on the beach or swimming in a lake or pool too long raise your hands.

If one arm is darker than other, because you spent many a day driving with your arm hanging out the open car window, you can raise your arms too.

Or how about those of us who wear dark sunglasses so we can ooggle and ahhh at the opposite sex wearing next to nothing...oops, I mean to keep the glare from the sun from blinding us.

How about the screaming, laughing and sometimes crying of children who wait nine months just so they can do everything they planned to do over the summer and accomplish all of their goals in the first couple of weeks.

Then sit around and complain that they are bored.

The excitement you still get when you hear the happy music coming from that white truck that sells a little bit of heaven as a frozen treat. That now instead of being the one who begs for that dollar, you're the one handing it out.

Then there's the absolute joy of an ice-cold beer/soda/lemonade on that blistering hot day.

What about the memories of running through sprinklers and jumping into pools or lakes.

The summer brought thunderstorms that canceled our carefully laid out plans.

Cookouts, picnics and family gatherings where there good feelings, hurt feelings and moments that we'll never forget.

The summer brings beautifully colored explosions that fill the night skies and the awe and wonder that fills our thoughts.

It brings all the big budget movies, county fairs, state fairs, church festivals and the summer festivals.

For some we experience big moments of a change that are amazing, frightening and sometimes unwanted. A time when joy and sorrow walk hand in hand basking in sunlight. Or hoping the rainfall hides the tears of joy or sorrow.

"The Waning Days of Summer" brings out the happiness that we take for granted. And on occasion, sorrow that feels never ending.

What I have mentioned today are both distant memories of a child long gone and some are fresh recollections to the man I am now.

But this is summer to me, and these are the summers I remember.

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Aug 3, 2009



I am Jose.

This is my waste of space.

I am here.


A lot.

This is my internet home.

Today it is August Third.

The beginning of a new month.

Show the love!!

No, I am not gay.

The picture just fit the sentiment.


I have many waste of spaces.

All over the internet.

These are the places I can be found.

I like to play here.


People here have stories that involve me.

Embarrassing ones.

This does not make me happy.

I also like to play here.


This is where my brain throws up.

Just a little at a time.

You will find everything I have ever written here.

Sooner or later.

THE ARCHIVES get's updated 2-3 times a week.


I also like to watch movies and Television shows.

I can be found watching all kinds of stuff





and here


I like pictures.

This is where I put the images I take.

I put them here PHOTOBUCKET.

So I can use them here.

This is where I put my photos.

With my camera, I look at the world.

I place them at FLICKR and I play God.

I decide what should be frozen.

As a single, solitary moment.

Finally there is the music.

Good music.

PLAYLIST Bad music.

And everything in between.

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Aug 2, 2009


*ahem* It is 9:16 PM and I can't believe I slept through an entire day! BE JEALOUS!! I just wish it was a crappier day to sleep through...


It is 9:16 AM and I can't believe I'm awake...what?...PM?...HUH?...really, the whole day?...Wow....


I'm watching this vid & suddenly I feel tears on my cheeks. I'm crying and I Haven't a reason why

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Welcome to SpatzGear! Adaptive gear without the adaptive price!


I'm now playing Monkey Trouble 2. where I have to pop monkeys. That sounds like something I should be doing on a webcam, and making money :)

Aug 1, 2009


that's it's time for some three towers solitaire...and obviously a life too


for those new to following me, and to those who have been following me, please forgive me, In all this time, I still am not clever or funny


Damn you farkle, you have tempted me into the dark side of the web. you're like an episode of JOEY. It's wrong but you can't avert your eyes


Diet coke, amp energy drink, full pack of smoke. I'm ready to take over the internet. If only I don't get distracted...OOOH FARKLE!!


sleepy time...good night internet, good night twitter, good night facebook, and good night john boy


RT @juliebenz vote for me... hottest vampire!!! fun!!! done and done


SUPERBAD quote of the moment - "What? Making your tits smaller? That's like slapping God across the face for giving you a gorgeous gift."