Aug 4, 2009


If you haven't noticed Summer 2009 is almost over.

Some will complain, claiming that we didn't have a summer. That the weather was uncooperative, that we had that one hot week and that was it.

That's not the summer. Those are just moments in time when we felt inconvenienced. When we focused on the few things we had no control over, and we overlook all the marvelous things that did happen.

That my friends is "summer."

You want proof?

Everybody that got tans or sunburns from lying on the beach or swimming in a lake or pool too long raise your hands.

If one arm is darker than other, because you spent many a day driving with your arm hanging out the open car window, you can raise your arms too.

Or how about those of us who wear dark sunglasses so we can ooggle and ahhh at the opposite sex wearing next to nothing...oops, I mean to keep the glare from the sun from blinding us.

How about the screaming, laughing and sometimes crying of children who wait nine months just so they can do everything they planned to do over the summer and accomplish all of their goals in the first couple of weeks.

Then sit around and complain that they are bored.

The excitement you still get when you hear the happy music coming from that white truck that sells a little bit of heaven as a frozen treat. That now instead of being the one who begs for that dollar, you're the one handing it out.

Then there's the absolute joy of an ice-cold beer/soda/lemonade on that blistering hot day.

What about the memories of running through sprinklers and jumping into pools or lakes.

The summer brought thunderstorms that canceled our carefully laid out plans.

Cookouts, picnics and family gatherings where there good feelings, hurt feelings and moments that we'll never forget.

The summer brings beautifully colored explosions that fill the night skies and the awe and wonder that fills our thoughts.

It brings all the big budget movies, county fairs, state fairs, church festivals and the summer festivals.

For some we experience big moments of a change that are amazing, frightening and sometimes unwanted. A time when joy and sorrow walk hand in hand basking in sunlight. Or hoping the rainfall hides the tears of joy or sorrow.

"The Waning Days of Summer" brings out the happiness that we take for granted. And on occasion, sorrow that feels never ending.

What I have mentioned today are both distant memories of a child long gone and some are fresh recollections to the man I am now.

But this is summer to me, and these are the summers I remember.

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