Mar 28, 2004


I feel particularly rant-full today, being surrounded by stupid mother fuckers is driving me absolutely insane. Today I had the absolute pleasure of buying a lawn mower from your friendly neighborhood SEARS Lawn and Garden Center. What a bunch of anal cling-ons they are!

SECTION 1 (this is for customer service douche bags.)

Is it really hard to be happy at work? If you aren't happy don't take your shit out on me. I mean come on already. If I'm in a bad mood I sure as hell will try to keep you out of it. If you hate your job, and your job is dealing with people...well what can I say besides QUIT GODAMNIT, and stop wasting my time. There is no need to belittle the people who come to you for help. There's no need to be a pompous ass. How hard is it really, to say "I'm busy, can you give me a minute and I'll help you"? Or "sure you can borrow a pen but I need it back". Not hard at all!

SECTION 2 (this is for the customers of SEARS)

How hard is it to say "Thank you for getting the door", or "Excuse me for jabbing you in the crotch with my purse"? I'm not asking for dissertations. I'm not asking for a thesis on your PHD. I'm asking for simple consideration. I mean does anybody know the response for "thank you"? Or better yet does anyone know the precursor to the words "you're welcome"?

SECTION 3 (for all of us)

What happened to all of you? Did you all get kicked in the head? Or maybe now that we're older we can forget the niceties and polite conversations we we're forced to endure as children. When after getting a spanking you still had to say thank you. Or is it so hard to let someone finish what they are saying without interrupting? I mean it's not like anyone of us will ever run out of things to say. I mean we have movies, music, politics, romance, sex, lack of sex, who's single, who's going to be single soon, cars, woman, sex, how many times we had sex, who we wish we could have sex with (I'm a guy we talk about it all the time). So why can't we let the speaker finish his/her thought. It's not like they're going to use up all the good topics. Another thing why is it that no one ever listens to people anyway? How many times does someone ask a question only to have it answered with a bogus reply for example:

How you doing? Fine.

If you don't really want to know don't ask. If you don't want to answer say so.

Its easy people. Its not rocket science. Its simple communication skills.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is pay attention to who you are and what you say and how you say it. Its easy. Not hard at all. Just use the communication skills that you already have, which includes listening.