May 29, 2005


I have never known a greater love
than a baby's smile
or a kittens purr.

I have never seen a brighter light
than a mother's love
or an early morning dawn.

I have never felt a hotter fire
in my lovers eyes
and in her beating heart.

I have never felt a greater love
than being held in her arms
when she comes home from work,
or when I lay myself down for slumber.

I have never known a greater love
until I met you.
I never knew love before,
now I do.

I know my greater love,
It's you.

May 25, 2005


the sun rose today, to meet me at noon

the birds flew away, they said I came back to soon

the dog licked his lips and than much lower

we both ran to avoid the javelin thrower

what a silly day this has been

the dreams are starting to begin

a moment of nonsense I share with you

of soap, conditioner and shampoo

a momentary lapse of judgment

and sharing of letters just sent

no rhyme or reason, I don't need one

just a Coke and a cinnamon bun

now that we wasted time

with this useless rhyme

this happy guy

will just say bye...

...for now.

May 21, 2005


There are times when somethings hit me like a runaway freight train. It's like something in me feels something for the first time.

Today I felt a true anguish that shook me down to my core. I felt a sense of loss.

A true loss, not the "Oh crap where are my car keys' feeling, but the "Oh shit, something in me just died" kind of loss. This time it was very different.

It was the "am I really allowed to be this happy" kind of feeling.

I am with a partner who loves me what I feel for her can only be described as bliss. But at the same time I ask myself "Can I make her truly happy?"

I don't know. I don't have all the answers. I can't even pretend to have them. All I know is that I feel so complete when I am with her.

There used to be this HUGE pool of anger that bubbled and boiled deep inside of me.

Now I only find hope, love and a wonderful feeling called tomorrow. I pray that I can give her this everyday. Because inside of my strange little soul I find it whenever I hear her heart beat or whenever she smiles at me. I find myself happier than ever before in my pitiful existence.

For some reason today after watching the fall of fictional character, I find myself wondering. Do I make her happy? Do I make her feel complete? Do I do to her what she does for me? Can I save her?

I don't know, maybe I'm just being stupid, it's something I do a lot. I still wonder "am I what she has been searching for?"

I guess that's all I really wanted to say. She makes my world, my life and my soul complete. I just pray that I do the same thing for her.

May 9, 2005


Dear Closed Minded People,

How are you doing today?

I'm feeling a bit of spit and vinegar towards you today.

I saw a shirt that truly pissed me off and well that led me to this little outburst.  The shirt said "Straight Pride" on the front and "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam on Steve on the back.  This shirt just made me realize how simple minded some of you wait, I mean it made me realize what simple minded mother fuckers some of you are.

Gay, Bi or Lesbian, they are still people with real voices and ideas.  They didn't ask you to join them in their lives, but you make sure you try to drag them down anyway.

What they do is not a matter or concern for you.

You are just a drop of piss in the toilet bowl of your own existence.

They like most of us don't care what your opinion is.  They like most of don't want to hear your opinion.

So stop trying to force it down my throat.  I can form my own opinions.  I'm special like that.  I like to make my own opinions.  I usually use things like facts to help but I'm really weird like that.

I don't need you to bring a higher power into a debate over what is right or wrong.  The Bible gave us two simple rules...Love God, and Love each other because in doing so, you love God.  I've read the Bible, a few times.  Never does it say, tear your fellow man down.  Nor does it say beat them up in my name.  Again, and just to reitterate, Love God, and Love each other because in doing so, you love God.

Here are a couple of rules that are evident in the bible...

Turn the other cheek...sound familiar?

Love thy brother as you would thy self...any bells ringing?

I mean we have all heard the saying ignorance is bliss right?  But let's all be honest, it's only blissful when the ignorant leave.

So to all you close minded afterbirths, whose conception was just because the semen leaked after an anal encounter, I have this last statement.

Let it go.

The only true waste of the gene pool, is not the little gay couple having a dinner, but the waste that won't leave them alone.

Get over it.

You really aren't that special.