Nov 16, 2006


Now this is a cool concept that takes planning and a lot of patience. Now the overall effect is cool as hell, especially when you notice the changes, and it's a pretty decent way to kill a couple of minutes.
Girl Takes A Photo Everyday For 3 Years

Nov 14, 2006


I shared this bit of information with my wife a while back and now I share it with you.

I have wasted 29 years of my life watching wrestling.

Up until I was in fourth grade, I thought it was real. There was this moment in the AWA - American Wrestling Association, when Jumping Jim Brunzel (who happened to be one of my favorite wrestlers) gets "cut with a sword" by Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissy and I was in tears. Begging my mom to find out what hospital (because of course, he was taken away on a stretcher) he was at so I could visit and give him well wishes.

Looking back, I can very honestly say, "Yes I was(and still am) a mark."

Of course now being at the ripe young age of 34 with too much wrestling knowledge, I sit there and complain about weak matches, weak story lines and weak mic skills.

My wife will sit and watch it with me (as long as it's not a bloody match-you see she tends to faint at the sight of blood) and she gets excited and pissed off at the wrestlers or the story lines too.

She enjoys watching the high fliers (she tends to refer to it as "a dance") as compared to the brawlers, but she can watch a technical match too. And bless her heart, she has the wrestlers that just piss her off.

These are the wrestlers that tend to be heels (or the bad guys). Of course, in my ultimate lack of wisdom and when I want to get under her skin, I have a tendency to emulate their poses and/or catch phrases...which tend to drive her nuts (and not in a good way).

So why am I talking about this now? I just finished watching Monday Night Raw and it was actually a fun show.

There was, as usual, a few weak moments but overall a fun way to waste 2 hours.

Another reason I'm talking about it is simply because I can. I am a fan. I have been a fan for quite a while. It's something my grandfather got me watching...and to this day I still do.



Season played this for me,

and now I give it to you,

because she says it's funny.

And she's standing over my shoulder insisting how funny it is.

Telling me I should be laughing louder

now she's using force to make me laff louder.

Nov 13, 2006

COME MONDAY IT'LL BE ALL RIGHT (except for the fact of work...that just sux)

It's Monday afternoon...I just woke up...and I'm already running behind. Gotta be running now...can't be late for work. Just thought I'd tell you all how my day is going. And right now, it sucks.


Nov 12, 2006


Just another boring Sunday. Had breakfast for supper, got laundry done and watched Dexter, and now I'm going to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.


Nov 11, 2006


We have had our first official snow day, well rain, freezing rain, sleet and than snow but it is SE Wisconsin, so around here you get used to the idea of the varied precipitation.

Which on the plus side means it's almost Christmas.

On the negative side it also means I have to actually buy a shovel to clear away some of that wintry goodness away from the front door.

But another means a lot more snuggling with Season.

Negative side...I get to feel the sub-arctic coldness from her tush and feet when we sleep.

Plus side, means working on new ways to warm her up.

Negative side, it means our cats are going to be a lot more aggressive come sleep time, because who knew with all that fur, those rotten little monsters want more warmth and start hogging the bed...while we're still sleeping in it.

Oh well...

Time to go watch Cars, because that's what ya supposed to do on a Saturday morning.

Watch cartoons, that is.

OK be back soon.


Nov 10, 2006


stolen with respect to the originals at for the text and to for the image

A Beautiful ... but Impossible Photograph

This dramatic picture of an iceberg weighing approximately 300 million tonnes has been represented as taken by a drilling rig manager off the coast of Newfoundland.

Supposedly, the water was calm and the sun was almost directly overhead so that the diver was able to get into the water and take the picture.

But how could anyone take such a picture? The maximum visibility in water is 200 feet. You could never see the underside of an iceberg that size in one shot - and where does all the light come from at that depth?

In fact, the picture is not real. It is a digital composite by

Ralph Clevenger,

a nature and underwater photographer who finds the stories circulating about his "impossible" picture amusing.

Four separate images were used; the sky, the background, the top iceberg (shot in Antarctica), and the underwater iceberg (shot above water in Alaska and flipped upside down).

The picture does, however, accurately represent the amount of an iceberg that is hidden underwater. It was designed to illustrate the concept of "what you see is not necessarily what you get".


1) Do you panic when people come over and feel the need for your home to be "perfect?"


2) On a scale from 1-10, how organized are you?


3) Have you ever played laser tag? Paint ball?

NO!!! I don't like being shot at. Period!

4) How many bottles of wine are in your house right now? Liquor? Cases of beer?

0, 0, 0

5) Have you ever tried "Eastern" methods of medicine or other "alternative" methods?


6) What is your desktop picture? Screen saver?

Some comic my wife found on the net, and no screen saver

7) Who put on the best concert you've ever been to?

Motley Crue

8) How many songs do you have in iTunes (or other mp3 organizer)? About how many cds do you own?

0, and close to 400

9) What is your favorite piece of computer software?

the whole thing...if it was just a piece, wouldn't that mean it was broken?

10) Why did the chicken cross the road?

cuz it was easier than trying to drive with those claws and wings


I've been married to my wife for 199 days and been living with her for 564 days and she is THE girl.

She fills me with joy, pain, happiness, sadness, lust, desire, love and pisses me off beyond belief.

She's the girl I can't walk or runaway from, and being a guy who has done both(a lot) that's saying quite a bit.

She leaves me little notes in my emails. They're little one or two sentences statements, but they mean the world to me.

Right now she's sleeping, and I was watching her sleep, and it is one of the most beautiful sights I have been witness to. I am able to see the wonder of her sleeping and waking up.

I'm born again every time I see her smile and laugh and I die a little bit every time she cries or is in pain, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We share the little adventures, tragedies and mundane moments that, when you piece them together, is our lives.

This blog is named after the moment that we started to realize that we were meant to be friends, partners, lovers, husband and wife. It was a simple little dance, done to appease an un-relentless friend...and we danced.

That was the first true step we took together on our journey.

When I stumble or fall, I swallow my pride, and I take that extended hand.

I may kick and scream while doing it, but there it is, my hand in hers.

It's early and this slow dance song is over. I have a wonderful woman waiting for me, and I've kept her waiting long enough.

The next song will start shortly.