Aug 5, 2009


Yesterday, after watching the commercials for years...I finally went to a

. was OK, although, Jeff was very happy with this choice.  It seems that on this particular day, the young 'uns of the female persuasion were out in droves.  I never realized how creepy

AND embarrassing it is to be around a 50+ year old who was checking the over 18 & under 25 years olds was.

...I finally saw the "G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra" movie trailer and the 12 year old in me got a woody!!  Serious wood.

...when asked what I expected from the GI Joe the movie, this was the conversation

Me - "Stuff blowing up, lot of guns and Snake Eyes."

Them - "What about a good story?"

Me - "This isnt 'Schindlers List', it's a movie based on a cartoon, that was based off the toys about soldiers that had all these guns, yet no one was ever killed, and I don't recall anyone getting shot."

Them "So a good story in NOT important?"

Me - "If it has one, GREAT!  If it doesn't, Great!  It's like sex. Whether you have good sex or bad sex, you're still having sex.  YOOOOOO JOOOOOOOE!!!"

...I was asked my opinion on the healthcare system, and here it is.

If the healthcare system was about helping people, that is what it would do.  But It's not.  It's about making money.

We have had people in charge of the money, bring America to it's knees.  We have an oil industry that has a vice like grip on the wallets and purses of each and everyone of us.  The companies that could create new jobs on American soil; instead they are closing factories and sending their products all over the world, where they can get the same product made for pennies on the dollar.

The government is not afraid nor does it respect it's citizens, the voices of the common man or woman will never be heard.

What the government does respect is money.  The more money you give them, the more important you "idea" is, and right now the healthcare industry is just one really fat wallet, that spends millions of dollars in the political arena, so that it can continue to make billions of dollars off the people who's factories just shut down.  Who can't afford to drive, and find a new job because the gas prices just went up. Of course during all this the bank is foreclosing on their home.

Sure, a reformed healthcare system is a nice idea and, at least in America, that's all it's going to be.

...I was then told I am long winded.

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