Jun 13, 2008


Here I am, sharing some thoughts.

I am afraid of monsters.

The creatures that prey on the weak and target the innocent and pure.

Who leave a scathing taint and a pungent stink on the few beautiful things that find the relentless need to persist, survive and grow.

That monster could be the man I see in the mirror everyday.

I know his thoughts and dreams.

I know what fuels his joy and anger.

I know what he's capable of both good and bad.

I know his strengths and weaknesses.

I know that when I look upon the man in the mirror, that he is capable of terrible deeds.

Who could one day, be the reason or cause for the horrors that we tell our children to scare them into obedience.

I know that the man in the mirror, at times, can have the face of a saint, kindly and benevolent.

But in his chest there could be a barren and vacant space where a heart should be.

An abysmal wickedness that's hidden behind an irreproachable facade.

I see a man. And that man, could become that Monster I fear the most.

So what keeps the monster at bay?

So what keep this shadow absent?


The fear of becoming this monster.

The fear of being a monster.

I am afraid of monsters.

So I fight that fear with hope.

I strengthen that hope with dreams.

I fortify my hopes and dreams with love.

As a man.

Only a good man can be strong enough to carry hopes, dreams and love.

Here I am sharing some thoughts.

I'm not afraid of a monster anymore.

I stand defiantly against the monster.

I stand as a man.

I try to stand as a good man.

I try.

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Pamela Kay Morgan said...

I like this. I'm impressed you keep up two blogs. I tried for a while and gave it up.