Jul 24, 2008


We got most of the moving done, and we'll be finishing up the rest over the weekend. Then it'll take a couple weeks of unpacking and getting the new place in order. So I'm hoping that if everything goes well, I'll be back full time around mid August.

Secondly I want to thank Jeanine for the wonderful things she said about my blogs. When I first read her words I was completely speechless.

Well, I am not speechless anymore.

When I started writing these little wastes of space, I was usually drinking and/or drunk and very angry.

Then as time passed I just started writing random things that were happening to me at that time.

As more time went by, I started writing some stories that shaped the man I am right now. I write about my world in general.

Now my world includes a person who took time out to say some nice things about what I do here. Not only did Jeanine pimp my blog out, she did it without any begging or pleading from me but, because she likes what I write.

I will forever be thankful for that. Any writer wants to know what people think of their words that are strung together. I'm no different.

Of course now, I'm going to worry about the quality and caliber of my writing, but that's a good thing. What she said will challenge me to continue to improve and expand on my writing.

I thanked her in an email and in a comment, and now I thank her in a blog. It seems only fitting because it was through blogs that we have become friends.

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