Jul 28, 2009


Adrift on a sea of letters, afloat on a current of words,
I stand.
Getting lost in the moment and being free
And pondering fragments, and thinking in ideas.
The who's, the why's, the when's the where's, the what's
And the burning question.
Is this less than I am?
Is this more than I'll be?
Is this the anchor that keeps me a castaway?
Fantastic adventures.
I am someone who could have,
Someone who should have,
Someone who might,
Someone who will.
For it's my story to share,
And share it I will.
Maybe you'll read my tale,
Join me on my journey and
Walk the path with me.

Will you dance with me, to the rhythm and pulse of life.
A divine flow of words, poems from the soul and
screaming from the heart, to be alive!
Will you sing a song with stars of heaven as the chorus,
and a symphony of silence.

Or maybe you won't.
Our paths may be different.
Travelers who pass by in the moonlight.

But we'll never know with out that first moment,
That first step.
That sends us...

Adrift on a sea of letters, afloat on a current of words.

Currently reading:

Dust to Dust (The Prophecy)
By Heather Graham

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