Jul 12, 2009


I am the Computer Monkey

The hairless ape called Jose is asleep at this precise moment in chronological measurements.

Since that ignoramus decided to leave all of you wonderful and loyal readers without some embarrassing anecdote. I felt it was imperative that you all have something truly entertaining to read for once. So I, the Computer Monkey will present to each and everyone of you a survey that, for once, that simpleton has no say in. This will be quite enlightening.

What size shoe do you wear?
I am a Computer Monkey. I do not wear shoes. But if I did wear shoes, I would wear "Inch Blue Cheeky Monkey Shoes"

How many Children do you plan on having?
I would very much enjoy hearing the sounds of my superior genetic offspring, although with the current workload that Jose' gives me, I am relegated to cyber sex through Yahoo messenger. How fortunate for me I can also type with my feet

Do you have armpit hair?
Of course I have armpit hair. Unlike you human beings, I don't see the need to exfoliate. Believe me, when I tell you that you would look just as silly to us.

Do you consider yourself a good friend?
Of course I am a good friend.

Is a college education important?
All education is important

Do you believe in spanking your child?
Yes, it IS a jungle out there.

Should the girl or the guy pay for a date if the girl asks him out?
Pay? Pay for what? To frolic and swing in the lush and beautiful jungle that provides nourishment and shelter? And you claim to be at the top of the food chain. Cretins

How old should kids be to start dating?
We Computer Monkeys don't date and we don't have a mating season, we swing all year long. Yes, we ARE naughty little monkeys.

How many guys does a girl have to sleep with to be considered a slut?
I do not understand labeling a willing sex partner.

How many girls does a guy have to sleep with to be considered a man whore?
Excuse me, I was busy.

Should teens be allowed to get tattoos?
Not to sound rude, but if you are a consenting legal adult at the age of eighteen...are you not still a teen?

Do you want a big or small wedding?
Next Question Please.

Is your best friend a virgin?
No, my best friend works by the hour.

What is your favorite Movie?
Planet of the Apes

to be continued...

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