Jul 30, 2009


Every evening
I need you
More than ever

Through nightmares
I journey
I call out to you
My voice echoes
I scream you name
My voice cracks
And then fails

Every evening
My reserve grows
My strength wanes

Every evening
In my dreams
I hold you tight

I want to tell you this
But I fear
Who you'll remember
When you think of me
Will it be
the devil
the angel
the saint
the sinner

What do I tell you
How should I tell you
Is it too late
Do I say anything
Anything at all

I feel it
Coming closer
And then

I open my eyes
The reality comes
Rushing Back
That you are not here
You were never here
Never with me


I close my eyes again
I want to hold you again
To be with you again

I will suffer
Through the dreams
Over and over

To be there
Where you are
Every evening

and I dream...

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By Tori Amos

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