Jul 16, 2009


In this entry I am talking about fictional characters in comic books. The feelings expressed in this blog are only directed to fictional characters in comic books. I am very much opposed to the real life villains that do these things in the real world. I think it's pretty sad that I would have to write this type of introduction, but with the way the world is, I don't want to see myself on the evening news trying to defend my words about fictional characters. Thank You.

A little while ago I did my Top 10 favorite superheroes.

But the hero is only as good as his opposition.

His nemesis.

His villain.

I have my favorite heroes, but I LOVE a good villain. I'm not talking about the ones that grow a conscience and in the end the right thing.

I'm not talking about the ones who are out to make it rich by blackmailing, robbing banks or holding something for ransom.

I'm talking about the ones who want to burn the city just so they can see the flames.

The ones who cause mayhem, pandemonium and turmoil.

The ones who want to conquer the city, the Earth or the universe, because they can and because they feel entitled to it.

The ones who blow up hospitals just because it's fun or the ones who just want to kill the hero.

The villain has to always be the polar opposite of the hero.

Example - Batman is discipline and deduction, while the Joker is chaos and madness.

The villain has to be stronger/better than the hero.

Example - Lex Luthor is an evil genius, wealthy and has more overall resources then Superman.

I always think the villains who are evil or crazy made the most compelling characters.

So here's my favorite villains...

(all the character descriptions were written by someone else. I just happened to agree with everything they said and couldn't find a better way to say what they did, so I just kept them as is.)

10. Harley Quinn

She is not the strongest of Batman's villains and she is not necessarily the most malevolent. But she is
quick to turn on the crazy, and even quicker to please her Mr. J (for those who don't know Mr J is her pet name for the Joker). That combination alone makes her a constant threat Harley Quinn is unpredictable yet most comfortable in the role of Joker's misunderstood number two.

9. Saint of Killers

Once, the Saint of Killers was just a man. After serving in the Confederate Army - he was feared for his mercilessness
on the battlefield - the grizzled man became a bounty hunter in the West. It was there that he met a woman who cracked his harsh exterior. The two made a life together and had a child.

But this isn't a story with a happy ending. The woman and child fall ill and his attempts to save them are foiled by a gang of outlaws.

Driven to rage by the death of his family, the man slaughters the outlaws, kills an innocent bystander, but runs out of bullets as he confronts the gang's leader. The leader kills him and the man is sent to Hell, where he is ultimately banished by the Devil - his hate causes Hell to literally freeze over. The Angel of Death allows him to return to Earth on the condition that he undertakes the duty of collecting the souls of those who die by violence.

Now he's the new face of Death, and woe be it to anyone who crosses his path.

8. Apocalypse

En Sabah Nur sees himself as the original mutant and therefore its rightful leader and ruler. Apocalypse is one of the
world’s most powerful mutants, having the ability to change his molecular structure. He also appears to be immortal. In more than one alternate future, Apocalypse has ruled the earth. He continues toward this goal today, choosing the right time to awaken and reveal himself.

7. Ra's al Ghul

Ra’s al Ghul has been an iconic Batman super villain. His purpose is to cleanse the earth and restore it to an eden-like
state. The problem is, that most of humanity needs to die in the process. Ra’s has lived for an incredibly long time, beating death with the use of his Lazarus Pit. His incredible intelligence and abilities in martial arts and swordsmanship makes Ra’s a formidable opponent, worthy the title of super villain.

6. Galactus

The world-eater. When Galactus shows up, he becomes everyone’s problem. With a slew of cosmic powered henchmen at his side, Galactus is the one villain to beat. If you don’t, the result isn’t world domination, but world destruction. Galactus has destroyed countless worlds and killed billions of beings. His hunger will never end and therefore, neither will his destruction.

5. Doomsday

Doomsday is the only super villain to have successfully killed Superman.

4. Dr. Doom

The ruler of Latveria is one of Marvel comic’s greatest foes. His intellect and master of the mystical arts makes this man one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. His thirst for world domination is only rivaled by his hunger to see Reed Richards dead and humiliated. Victor Von Doom is truly a villain you don’t want to trifle with.

3. Joker

The Joker is mad. Maybe that is what is so appealing about this character. Pain, morality, logical thinking, and every other
normal human trait go out the window when one thinks of the Joker. Combine his sanity with his penchant ability with toxic chemicals, and you have the makings of an unpredictable madman that can bring those around him to their knees.

2. Lex Luthor

Genius, ex-president, criminal mastermind, businessman, sociopath. Superman’s number one bad guy is right near the top of the list of the all-time best super villains. While Lex doesn’t have magical powers, super strength, or any of the other things that make up the common super villain, he more than makes up this with his superior intellect and utter ruthlessness. Don’t get on his bad side. If you do, you can bet you won’t last long.

1. Lucifer

Lucifer's appeal as a villain is that he doesn't brow beat readers over the head with his villainy. His intellect is matched
by his ability to manipulate creation into what he imagines. Any being that can marshal demons to battle angels and still find time to stir humanity from indifference is a threat no one can ignore. Yet somehow, Lucifer's ability to stay below the radar and simultaneously impact mankind is both a gift and a curse.

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