Jul 19, 2009


the snow has just buried
all that the naked eye can see

I feel lost and at peace

nothing looks familiar

the traditionally dirty streets seem pure
a white blanket covers the world
on this crisp December night
the snow glistening under streetlights

elegant angel kisses flitting and dancing
capturing each ray of light

I feel like a blemish
ruining the pure and driven landscape

why do I linger here
a sole witness

the snow starts to fall again
stars from the heavens
gracefully descending

quietly obscuring the hellish earth
keeping their beauty
the fragile visions fall

I weep

I long to be connected
with these specks of heaven
burying the filth and scum
under their twinkling reflections

the angels kiss falls upon my lips
to disappear and leave a memory
to never feel that moment again

like a gentle plague they descend
a silent army
a soundless cleansing

my faith placed in the delicate diamonds
one day I wish to fall to earth
ride the currents of air
kiss you so softly
disappear and leave a memory

I find solace in the snowflake

I long to be the winter

Currently listening:

Middle of Nowhere
by Hanson
Release date: 1997-05-06

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