Apr 6, 2010


With golden talons I grip the dirt, feline haunches tense and push against the ground, my talons dig into the earth as I pull myself and jump simultaneously into the air, my wings start to flap and carry me on gusts of wind.

Away from the Earth towards the heavens. I open my beak and screech in pure joy. The wind ruffles my feathers, my tail twitching in excitement.

And I see you, banking and diving through the clouds. Your golden-orange skin reflecting the rays from the sun. You look like a living flame all sinewy and sleek...

I begin the chase, my heart beating in my chest, another screech of HAPPINESS, and a greeting to my friend.

To my mate?

I follow your golden-orange light, my wings beating, soaring, using the currents of air to bring me closer to you...

For hours I fly straight and true. I fly towards you. But as the sun sets, your skin of flame, gets dimmer, until nightfall finally arrives.

I stare at the horizon, I almost see you. You're almost visible, you're almost clear...and then you're swallowed into the night.

I spread my wings...as I begin my slow decent circling that spot where the meadow kisses the river. My rear paws touch the ground then my talons. I am weary from my flight. I screech my promise as I do every night - I will follow you wherever you go, I will follow you-...

In the distance, along the horizon towards the heaven like a fountain of flame comes the response - Come and catch me -

And I lie down...weak...weary... excited for tomorrow...eager for the chase...

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