Oct 16, 2009


Hello boys, girls and those yet undecided, I do not feel well today.  I'm either getting sick, or the weather changes are kicking my "NOT so small" ass.  So between that and the Sandman being skidmark and not giving me a good nights sleep; I'm a little more cranky than I'm used too.

But by all that is good and holy I am trying so hard to be positive.  This weekend I'll be sending off an email, I have been avoiding sending.  I guess it's time for me to finally admit there is no going forward or coming back, when all you can see is the wreckage that was left in the wake.

Well that ended up being a little depressing didn't it.  Sorry.  Let's just proceed with the silliness that this  was supposed to be, until I had the brainstorm to write a little intro...so without further ado....

Wednesday Oct 14th


Ugh...still feeling like crapola, buy trying to stay positive and I found out that the local school has had the

Pigs in Space virus outbreak...yay.

Thursday Oct 15th



Random thoughts , quotes, images & videos that on this special day have the honor of being called Brain Droppings 1!!


Oh goddess of slumber, your loyal & enthralled servant begs & prays that your touch comes his way soon. It has been sorely needed & missed.


RT @ChristophGolden:Horror artist Glenn Chadbourne is taking commissions & selling art at - http://www.glennchadbourne.com. Swing by & say hello! Pls RT


It's called Brain Droppings 1, cuz "Useless excrement that has coagulated in my gray matter" took up too much space


So tired of being sick and tired, as in ill and fatigued, not annoyed and frustrated, as in fighting an ailment, not fighting a bad mood


Why can't I ever find a shopper like this at the WAL-MART I go to?

ps - www.peopleofwalmart.com/ for some of the best internet gold you can find


I hate feeling like the ass side of toilet paper, and I'm not talking Charmin here;

but the gritty, single ply, gas station toilet taper


Shane Nickerson

"Trying to convince people that you're not an asshole is much harder than just not being one"


I must be the never ending well spring of hate...because I tried to take the how many people hate you quiz...and the quiz refused to accept my answers. That my friends is an EPIC FAIL with mass amounts of ownage...at this moment I guess I am Face Book's beeeyotch

My CD and Book recommendations


Bakers Pink by Bakers Pink


The Han Solo Adventures collects "Han Solo at Stars End', 'Han Solo's Revenge' and 'Han Solo and the Lost Legacy' in one handy volume

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