Nov 22, 2009


I'll hear some amazing song on a commercial or at the end of some TV show, that just blows me away.  So I do what anybody with an I-net connection does.  I go searching for it, like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom.  Albeit, while searching for this amazing song, I more often than not, get distracted.

This is a common occurrence for me.  My soon to be ex-wife says I have "OOOOH SHINY" syndrome.  Which means know how you can usually distract small children with shiny objects?  Well then you get the idea.  Anyways...

For example, I'll hear this song, and it's by some new or unsigned band.  I think to myself "Self, this is a major discovery!"  So, I end up searching for everything on the web by them so I can give them a fair shake.

Like most people, depending on my mood at that moment, my music tastes may change, usually at the drop of a hat.  So what I once thought was a cool song gets forgotten, because I may not have cared for the rest of what I found.

Or worse...if it's an established artist, and I go looking for some other song of theirs that I like, and suddenly I have forgotten the first song.  Then just like that the songs I was searching go the way of the Bermuda Triangle.

A little while ago, I heard this song at the end of the TV series "Mercy", I looked for it, found it, and put up a little blurb about it.  I did this mainly because I was absolutely exhausted, and I wanted to really mull it over a little later, and this way I wouldn't have to search for it.

This made me happy when I woke up later that day, because there was the song in it's easy to reach container.  So with all that said, here it is...the official SONG OF THE WEEK...

Guess what I was doing when I heard this song?  Yup watching HULU.  Bones to be precise.  At the end of this episode this song starts to play and it is such a beautiful piece of music.  So off I went to the web,  where after minutes of searching I find it.  So boys and girls, enjoy...

The song is called 'My Ghost' by the artist known as Glass Pear from the album "Streets Of Love"

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