Dec 29, 2009

FRIEND QUIZ the hits and myths

Most of us know that game and quiz "apps" on social networks are all the rage, right?  Yuppers folks, they got their meaty little booger hooks in me too.  I'm not complaining about them, at least not this time, except for the fact that they have stolen my soul...but that story is for another day.


Well, there's one on Facebook called Friend Quiz.  It gives you some quirky little questions about your friends, and you have an option to answer yes or no.  Afterward it sends a little notification telling you that someone has anwered these questions and to find out who, you have to answer the same questions for other people.  For shits and giggles I looked into this.

I was reading the answers to my questions I had a thought.  So I got a Diet Coke from the fridge.

Then the Computer Monkey had an idea, "Jose."


"What if you take this foolish little idea and make it into a blog?  I'm pretty sure even you can handle that."

Huh?  What do you mean?

"Oh I apologize, I forgot who I was talking to.  Well, this is what some people think the answers are to questions about you correct?"

Uh yeah...

"Then why don't you answer these questions yourself?  It could make for an excellent writing exercise right?"

Hey, that's a pretty good idea.

"Of course it's a 'good idea', all of my suggestions are 'good ideas'.  You're the imbecile who never takes..."

Oh SHUT UP!!!  I'm doing it already.  Computer Monkey, as much as you like to bitch at me, you must really love the sound of your voice.

"As a matter of fact I DO love the sound of my voice.  It is a lovely voice, like a choir of angels, and it is quite soothing."


"Ah I see you're genius is showing again."  And with that the Computer Monkey flipped me the bird and walked away.

So my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either, here's the questions, their answers and my answers to the Friend Quiz

Do you think that Jose has showered today?


At this precise moment the answer is no...although as soon as I am done with my wordsmithing I'm heading to the kitchen to do some dish washing and after that I will be doing the body washing in the shower.

Do you think that Jose would secretly fart in public?


This, I hate to say is completely true.  I say this with a touch of shame, an ounce of pride and a whole lot of giggles.  What can I say, I think farts are funny.  So the answer here is Yes.

Do you think that Jose is mean?


I have to slightly disagree with this.  I am mean, although it is hidden in humorous, sarcastic and opinionated comments.  I am working on this though.  I have actually learned that on those days when I feel the absolute need to say something, I keep my trap shut.  I fail about 50% of the time...but that is a huge step in a positive direction.  There were times before that I wouldn't filter anything at all.

Do you think that Jose is a liar?


This is one of those questions that kind of apply to everyone.  No one is 100% percent honest, and I wouldn't want know somebody who is 100% honest.  Some lies are told to protect feelings, beliefs and dreams.  Yes I am a liar, and many times I have been grateful for that.

Do you think that Jose would look good in a mini-skirt?


Well I do have some nice legs...although I honestly believe there aren't that many people who would want to see me in one.  First of all, I don't have the shoes for a mini skirt.  Also, I don't own one, never had one, and since I have never worn one, I'm not sure I could coordinate a nice top, mini skirt, shoes and accessories to really give myself that "WOW" factor.  So just because I have nice legs I could say yes, but since I don't have the "mini skirt experience" I'll have to say NO, I would not look good in a mini skirt.

Do you think that Jose is smarter than George W. Bush?


Say what you want about George, but he was President of the US of A...twice.  Which meant he was smart enough to get the votes necessary to become the President of the US of A...twice.  Which means "we the people" voted for him to carry the position of President of the US of A...twice.  Which I believe means he was smarter than most of us to become President of the US of A...twice.  So by this reasoning, No I am not Smarter than a 5th grader...ooops I mean George W. Bush.

Do you think that Jose has ever lied in an interview?


Everybody has lied in an interview, myself included.  "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"  I can barely see myself coming in everyday to come to this job, much less what I want to do 5 years from now.  "Well sir, I see myself being a part of the team here, leading by example, guiding new employees and learning more skills which would be both enriching and profitable to this company."

So yeah I have lied at a job interview.

Do you think that Jose has ever pranked call someone?


Actually this is something I have never done...although I have dialed the wrong number and had fun with a person on the other side of the telephone line...and I have drunk dialed people, but NO I have never prank called anyone.

Do you think that Jose has smelly feet?


LMAO...everybody has smelly feet.  It all depends on what you consider smelly.  I can't stand the smell of some soaps so someones "smelly" feet for me could be "clean" feet.  You know?  So I guess what I'm saying is yes, I am the owner of two smelly feet.

Do you think that Jose has ever played beer pong?


Again another NO.  I used to drink.  I did not really enjoy having to do parlor tricks to drink.  I was content just drinking...although I did enjoy playing NTN trivia at the bars when I did drink.

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