Dec 28, 2009


Hello my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either, and welcome to my blog.

I'll hear some amazing song on a commercial, in a movie or at the end of some TV show, that just blows me away. So, I go searching for it. Albeit, while searching for this amazing song, I more often than not, get distracted.

I'll hear this song, and it's by some new or unsigned band and I think to myself "Self, this is a major discovery!"  I'd end up searching for everything on the web by them so I can get an idea of what they really sound like, but depending on my mood at that moment, my music tastes may change.  Sometimes a cool song gets forgotten, because I may not have cared for the rest of their music.

If it's an established artist, and I go looking for some other song of theirs that I like, and suddenly the first song I was searching for goes the way of the last soda in the fridge.

A while ago, I heard this song at the end of the TV series "Mercy".  I looked for it, found it, and put up a little blurb about it, mainly because I was exhausted, and I wanted to really appreciate later, and this way I wouldn't have to search for it.  Later that day, because I had already done the leg work, there was the song in it's easy to reach container where I took the time to really absorb it.

That my friends is how the SONG OF THE WEEK got started.

And here is the newest SONG OF THE WEEK.

I was watching the movie ADVENTURELAND, (which really has an amazing soundtrack, by the way) and in one of the scenes, "James", played by Jesse Eisenberg gives a mix tape to "Em" played by Kristen Stewert called "J's Favorite Bummer Songs" and
Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground starts to play...

And what a great song it is.  It really takes the less is more approach by utilizing simple lyrics that are sung with a deep emotion and a sweet and touching melody that acts like a supporting character allowing the vocals and lyrics to shine, but without ever taking a backseat to the song.  I did not know much about Velvet Underground before this, but I am enjoying this aural journey that I have been taking because of this song.

So my friends and cohorts, here is the song Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground

This song can be found on the Album

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground

Tom Swift and His Flying Lab by Victor Appleton II

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