Dec 11, 2009


I was sitting at the dinner table when suddenly my brain went into some kind of warped "random thought" generator.

And with all of you, I now share the results.

I'm sorry.

Thoughts about Cartoons and Movies

Would Charmin or Cottonelle be strong and absorbent to deal with Superman's superpooh??

What would Superman use to wash the superstains from his underwear?

Do Smurfs wear underwear?

Gargamel at times wants to eat the Smurfs and at other times wants to use them in a magic potion to make gold.  He has also made two Smurfs so why didn't he just make Smurfs and use them for his evil plans?

If Gandalf was friends with the eagles...why didn't they just fly to Mount Doom and drop the ring in?

If Gandalf was such a great come he was only able to magically beat up Saruman (although he lost), made bright lights and fancy smoke rings?

If Superman is the man of steel...would he wake up with morning ironwood?

If the Grinch's heart was 2 sizes to small and then grows three sizes bigger...wouldn't that lead to cardiac arrest?

Did you ever realize that everywhere the Lost in Space crew landed, there was always breathable atmosphere?

Thoughts about the cold...

How cold is a witch's tit?

How cold does it have to be to freeze a fart?

Who else is annoyed that the movie A Christmas Story ruined the whole licking the flag pole thing?

Why is it that the minute you put on a snowsuit/snowpants you have to pee?

Are you supposed to wear underwear under thermal underwear or not?

Thoughts about food...

Who first looked at a chicken egg and said "If I cook the inside of this it will be yummy?"

Who first looked at a chicken and said "If I peel off the feathers, this will be yummy?"

Who thought that making baby food look like baby pooh was a good idea?

Thoughts about baby's

I think that baby proofing a house just makes smarter sneakier babies.

Why do moms tell other moms what to do with their own children?

Thoughts on Tiger Woods

He's cheating is not's sad and stupid...but IT IS NOT NEWS!!

And with all this said and done...I pass

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