Dec 10, 2009


Hello my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either, and welcome to my blog.

I, like many, spend a lot of time looking at chests.  Sometimes, one could say, I tend to stare.  I'll be walking down the street, in a mall or just getting a bite to eat, then BAM-ZAP-POW another chest catches my eye...

***MY GOD!!!  What do you want Computer Monkey?  Can't you be civil for once and just let me write this on my own, without any backseat criticizing?  Just THIS ONCE!!! PLEASE!!!...what?  Re-read my opening paragraph?  What, did I spell something wrong, or use improper grammar or are you just trying to demoralize me like YOU always do?...FINE!!! I'LL RE-READ THE OPENING YOU SANCTIMONIOUS FUCK!!!...looking at chests...tend to stare...another chessss...OH CRAAAAAP!!!***

Heh...hi again.  Umm when I said look at chests before I meant t-shirts.  You know all the silly, crude, clever and sometimes cute things they say or show.  I didn't mean breasts.  Not that I'm saying breasts are a bad thing.  They're not.  As a matter of fact I could look at them all day.  They're quite lovely.  I even get a little giddy.  I don't believe there has ever been a pair of breasts that I didn't like.  You know there are times when I catch myself just thinking about breasts.  Heh, just had breast thought.  I mean...

***WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M COMING ACROSS LIKE A PERVERT?!?!  look at them all day...quite lovely...giddy...did not like...thinking about, breast thoooou...GAWD DAMNIT!!!  I told you that taking away the delete, backspace and arrow keys was a bad idea?  BUT OHHH NOOO "This will help improve your typing accuracy."  Do you remember who said that?  Well let me give you a hint...YOU!!!***

Hi yet again.  I wish to apologize for the wording of my blog so far.

What I have been trying to say is that I enjoy looking at, reading and sometimes deciphering t-shirts.  Many times they are inappropriate, but that's what makes them funny, clever or poignant.  So for a little while now, I have been scouring the internet, the big box stores and the occasional Hot Topic for great t-shirts.  The end result are my Awesome Apparel Thursdays.  Which if you can't tell this is the fifth one I have done so far.  So please enjoy...

***GET BACK HERE YOU DEMON FURBALL!!!  I can't believe you do this type of crap to me.  NO, as a matter of fact I did not care for your "little introduction"!!!  'you'll have to provide your own entertainment because, well let's be honest...these blogs aren't getting any better' was really funny.  Hah freakin hah.  HEY don't you fling that pooh...I'm warning you!  Don't yoooEWWWW, that's IT!!!  When I get my hands on you you'll wish you were never...OH SHIIIIIT!!!  I left the blog on...sonofa(CLICK)***

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My CD and Book recommendations

L7 - Bricks Are Heavy

BY Judith Krantz

and with that, my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either, I shall pass...

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