Jan 27, 2010


There are very few things I fear in life, but in death, I have one great fear.

What will happen when I stand across from the face of God?
What will I say to you?
What will you say to me?
I'm afraid of the answers.
I fear the questions you may ask.
I'm also afraid what happens if you don't exist.
What happens then?
Do I just disappear and join the great majority rotting in the earth?
I have faith that you are there.
But what if the faith is a lie?
What if it's just a story made up to help everybody sleep at night?
Are you a fairy tale?

Now don't you all say I'm crazy or that I just need to believe.
Because it's not always enough.
I know.
Maybe I just doubt the truth.
Maybe it's easier to believe if it's a lie.

Can you answer a question?
Will you tell me what you believe in?
Will you tell me the truth when we see each other?
Will I find out the truth when nothing happens after I die?

What will you tell me when were face to face God?
What will you say?
Will you even be there?

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