Feb 25, 2010


A while ago, I had this idea to do a bunch of short slightly twisted poems. I wanted them to be fairly similar, where you can read each individually and be tickled, or all together and have this weird mosaic style mental image of a world with talking animals who are in revolt.

In my notebook, I have it listed as "Disney/Dr Seuss and Warren Ellis writing them."

Well, I never got past the first poem, because it never flowed right (the original can be found here...www.coacearchive.blogspot.com/2008/04/dreams.html).

But I  kept writing down a bunch of notes "just in case."

Today for some reason I looked at the original poem, and I was still unhappy with it.

I looked at my notes...and one line really popped. I went back to original added the line, took out another, switched a couple of them around, reworded it a little bit...and voila it finally felt and sounded right.

With that first hurdle (which has been bugging me for almost 2 years) finally jumped, now I need to find an artist, who can put their unique twist on these words and bring it to visual life...but that part of this project will take longer then the writing process.

Well ladies and gents, here is the first glimpse into "the Dreams Treat" world...

I just woke up from a weird sleep. Had a dream that my skull was split open and all my ideas were falling out and bursting into flame. All the while the cats were dancing and singing

"You fell to fast, you fell too hard
now you quiver in the square.
With your neck you hold the rope,
while swinging in the air.
Look at all his dummy thoughts,
they fall into despair,
Look at all the hangman's kids,
without a doubt or care."

Needless to say I am wary around the felines now....

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