Feb 8, 2010


Hello my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either, and welcome to my filler blog.  Between the game last night and some things I had to do...well I didn't write anything...with that said...

Quite a while ago, I heard this song at the end of the TV series "Mercy".

It annoyed the ever loving Bejesus out of me, because I couldn't find anything.  On the plus side I left a little post-it reminding me to look for it in a couple of days.  I think it's been almost 3 months (although I may be wrong.  That particular little trait I am well known for) but I finally got around to looking for that song.

This time when I went searching for it, guess what my friends and cohorts...I found it!!!

funny animated gif


Here's the song by...Aras - Save Me

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