Mar 18, 2010


When you look at me

Tell me,

What do you see?

Who do you see?

Do you look at me?

Do you even see me?

What do you see?

Who do you see?

Do you see

How much you hurt me?

Do you see that

I changed for you.

I sold my soul for you.

Look at me.


It hurt's.

It tears me up!

Can't you see...

the anger growing?

the rage I'm fighting?


Look into my eyes,

See the emptiness?

Do you?

Look at my face.

Smile?  It's fake.

Did you know that?

The laugh?

Yeah that's bullshit too.

The truth is this...

When you look at me

All you see is what

You think I should be.

You stopped seeing me.

You stopped looking for me.

I'll admit I was weak

When I gave into you.

When I gave you

What you wanted...

and a part of me died.

A part that you'll never see,

Because when you look at me,

You don't see me at all.

Just watch me walk away.

I hate mirrors.

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