Mar 13, 2010


You know what has always bugged me?  Movie reviews that take a "I'm so much smarter than you" route.  Every movie review I have ever read takes this approach.  They sit there and with a fine tooth comb and condemn every aspect of the movie or they praise the intellectual aspects of this cinematic experience.

Me, I just want a simple review.  Did the movie achieve it's goal.  How was the acting?  Was the script/story any good.  Was the movie entertaining.  Add a positive comment.  Add a negative comment.  Finally make a simple scale and rate that movie accordingly.

It's not asking for much.

Reading a movie review shouldn't have to be a chore.

So let's make that scale

   1.  Punch me in the FACE, because that's gonna be better than this movie.
   2.  I will never watch the movie again
   3.  Did I actually pay to see this?
   4.  I wish I saw it on cable.
   5.  I'll only watch it if its free on cable.
   6.  Can't find the I guess I'll watch this
   7.  This is better then the other stuff that's on.
   8.  I will watch the movie again
   9.  I CAN'T WAIT to watch the movie again
 10.  This movie WILL be owned, in any form because it's that damn good!!.

Now let's review some movies...

Fantastic Mr. Fox

A quirky stop motion cartoon, based on the story written by the BRILLIANT Roald Dahl.  This is one of the few movies that should appeal to both adults and children.  It's hard not to smile and laugh throughout this movie.  If Pixar decided to go for and Indie movie feel, you would have Fantastic Mr. Fox.  The acting was very good, with a solid and well paced story.


Planet 51

OK...I didn't hate this movie.  But it wasn't great either.  There are some jokes that will appeal to the parents of their target audience and a few moments that will tickle the funny bones of the children.  But the whole movie feels flat.  I guess the best thing I can say is this movie is average.  Average acting, average dialogue, even an average and predictable storyline.  Just overall...average.


Battle for Terra

This was a very cool movie with a strong message and theme.  It had a solid and likable story that was well paced and entertaining.  The animation was strong and clean.  The actors really nailed their roles and made the animation seem alive.

The only real fault, is I guess, a personal gripe.  I'm tired of seeing movies that keep perpetuating the idea that we humans are greedy, war mongering, murderers.  Yes I get it.  We are evil.  We will bring about the destruction of every man, woman, child, creature and organism if we don't get our way.  Like I said a personal gripe.

Other than this it really is an enjoyable film.


Astro Boy

Wow!!!  This is a movie has it all.  It has lessons in good and evil.  It teaches about mistakes and how to find redemption.  It has a TON of action and some truly heart breaking moments.  Add some high quality animation and a great story that was very well paced and fluid and my friends you have yourself Astro Boy.  A wonderful movie for children and children at heart.  But the most surprising thing that this movie does, is that it maintains the idea of "good and innocence" while similtaneously restoring those same ideas into our childhood heroes and avoids the current trend of making them "moody and dark."


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