Mar 14, 2010


Can you remember your first day of school?
No not really.  I was never a big fan of the first days of school, because it meant Summer was over and there is nothing worse than knowing Summer has come and gone to a kid.

Do you get bored looking at other peoples' holiday pictures?

Nope.  I like looking at pictures.  Frozen moments of time have always held a special joy for me, because pictures are usually happy times.

Would you rather have a pet snake or a pet turtle?

I'm not really a fan of either, but if I had to choose I would have to a turtle, only because their food is less furry.

Do you have, or would you like to get, any tattoos?

I have 2 currently with plans to get more when finances improve.

Have you ever seen a band live? Who was the last you saw?
I have seen many many bands live, although not so many in recent years.  The last band I saw was Big and Rich who were 3 shades of AWESOME!!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever found in someone's bedroom?

That's kind of a weird question, but I guess it would have to be in my room, and it was the reaction I got when a lady friend hit play on the cassette player and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rock Adventure started playing...

Do you like painting?
I'm a doodler and on occasion a colorer but painting has always been one of those talents that I do not posses.

Do you keep a diary?
Ummm...yeah.  That's kind of what you're reading when you come to my waste of space.

What made you laugh last?

Jennie Breedin's web comic called Geebas on Parade -

Have you ever used a pick-up line and had it work?

I was more of the anti-pickup line user.  For example: Excuse ma'am, but you're currently sitting in a hot girls seat and she should be coming back very soon...and now that you have a good reason to snub me...Hi, can I buy you a drink?

Do you like the smell of lavender?

LOL...yeah, That's what my cheap shampoo and conditioner smells like.

Have you ever entered a modeling competition? Would you?

NO and HELL NO!!!  As my Mom has been known to say "With looks like yours be grateful ugly women talk to you." *sigh*

Did you keep any drawings / stories from when you were younger?

Well what is younger?  I have stuff from when I was in high school and I have a couple of things I did yesterday, and technically I am a few hours older now..

Who did you last have an argument with?

That would be Mom.

When was the last time you cooked for yourself?

I cook for myself a lot.  It's either that or go for days without eating.

When was the last time you wrapped a present?


Do you own a baby names book?

Umm NO!!

When was the last time you saw a relative?


What time is it right now?
At this very moment it's 2:34 A.M.

Have you ever entered the lottery?

Sure, I have.

When was the last time you were so angry you thought you would burst?
When I got an email from ex telling me we were completely over...which began a chain of events that in the end brought me to a better place.

Do you skip breakfast?
Well I only eat 2 meals a day, so I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

Are you in anyway close to reaching a personal goal?

Actually the most important goal I have ever reached was on July 22, 2009.  Since then I'm just happy for each and every 24 hours.

Do you prefer crosswords or word searches?

Word searches only because the I have a hard time figuring out the "hints".  I've never been good at deciphering hints.

Have you ever drawn on a wall in your house?

Not in a LONG time.

Felt-tip pens or highlighters?

Felt-tip.  More color choices are readily available.

Do you like making collages?

Not really.  Like I said I'm more of a doodler.

Have you ever kept a scrapbook?

Well I have a scrapbook, but for me it's more a place where I can glue some a paper Photo Album.

Are you scared of anything irrational?

My biggest irrational fear is no one coming to my funeral.  Ever since I saw A Christmas Carol, that idea has haunted me.

Can you calm yourself down or do you just get all panicked at things?

In all honesty, I get irked and sometimes annoyed, but I don't get panicky.  But I am seldom calm.  That's what I strive for, moment of peace and serenity everyday.

Do you use bug spray or fly swatters?
I use whatever I can get...but mostly I use my voice.  When you're yelling "OH MY GOD!!!  KILL IT!!!  KILL IT!!!  KILL IT!!!  KILL IT!!!"  your voice works better than any swatter or spray.

What was the last thing you said out loud?

"Good Night Mom."

Do you bruise easily?

If I had it might have saved me some grief that's for sure.

Would you ever meet anyone you met online?

Sure, 90 percent of my online to real life encounters have been good ones.

Are you more shy in real life or on the internet?

I'm exactly the same in both areas.

Are you happy with where you're going in life?

Yeah, I guess I am.  I've been dealing with life on life's terms and that's been working for me.

Than you Suzie for permission to use this...oh and read her answers here...

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