Mar 24, 2010


You know what has always bugged me?  Movie reviews that take a "I'm so much smarter than you" route.  Every movie review I have ever read takes this approach.  They sit there and with a fine tooth comb and condemn every aspect of the movie or they praise the intellectual aspects of this cinematic experience.

Me, I just want a simple review.  Did the movie achieve it's goal.  How was the acting?  Was the script/story any good.  Was the movie entertaining.  Add a positive comment.  Add a negative comment.  Finally make a simple scale and rate that movie accordingly.

It's not asking for much.

Reading a movie review shouldn't have to be a chore.

So let's make that scale

   1.  Punch me in the FACE, because that's gonna be better than this movie.
   2.  I will never watch the movie again
   3.  Did I actually pay to see this?
   4.  I wish I saw it on cable.
   5.  I'll only watch it if its free on cable.
   6.  Can't find the I guess I'll watch this
   7.  This is better then the other stuff that's on.
   8.  I will watch the movie again
   9.  I CAN'T WAIT to watch the movie again
 10.  This movie WILL be owned, in any form because it's that damn good!!.

Now let's review some movies...

Crazy Heart

This was an OK movie, with superb acting and amazing camera work. The soundtrack added that extra little push that really made this movie shine.

The story was simple, predictable and straight forward but the pacing was dead perfect. Each and every actor and actress were completely believable in their roles. I was surprised. I didn't expect to like it. With the exception of the very simple plot and story, everything else about this movie was exceptional.


She's Out of My League

I figured how bad could it be? It's a romantic comedy at worst it's a chick flick. Then it got funny, serious, sweet and through all of the ridiculousness of it all, it still gave the idea of "what if...".

The story was decent. The acting is exactly what you expect. The characters are your current comedy stereotypes with 2 exceptions. The characters of Kirk and Molly felt genuine and real. Luckily they're the main characters. Someone used the line "Its a chick flick for guys" and it really is.


Zack And Miri Make A Porno

I heard this movie was supposed to be horrible, not funny and a waste of time. I had nothing better to do today so I wanted to complete the Kevin Smith collection so I finally got around to watching it. If you're easily offended, this movie is not for you..on the other hand, IF you are easily offended what are you doing going to see a movie where part of the title is "Make A Porno"?

Yes, this movie is raunchy. Yes, this movie is completely unbelievable. Yes, this movie completely predictable. Yes, the cast is stereotypical on all fronts. No, there are no real surprises. But the movie is funny. This is one of those movies where the talent of the cast carries the whole production. It's their timing and delivery. It's their acting that gives what they say and do some credibility. And it's funny.


This was advertised as a comedy.  It wasn't one.  It was more of a "teen drama"/"coming of age"/"growing into who you are" type movie.  It wasn't bad.  It was an OK movie, but it was hard to enjoy because I kept waiting for the comedy to begin.  Although the best part of this film is the how hilarious Kristen Wiig character was.  It wasn't an overt performance, but subtle with precision comedic timing.

Oh and the music is really good.  I guess that's not a good sign when the soundtrack and minor character garnered most of my attention.


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