Mar 21, 2010





Quote of the Day - "The poet ranks far below the painter in the representation of visible things, and far below the musician in that of invisible things." Leonardo da Vinci

Battle with a Bottle by Sebastian Bach
This songs starts tonight's ramblings.  It such a great song about the constant struggle between sobriety and alcoholism.  Only someone who is facing this battle head on, can write a song as moving and honest as this.  I started watching Going Country on CMT because Sebastian Bach was on it, and when I heard this song I was just wowed.  Oh did I mention it a country song?

He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones
George Jones has such a unique sound when it comes to his music.  I actually listened to the lyrics of this song on Thursday afternoon for the first time.  My god is this song tragic.  I never knew the "person" in the song is dead.  I always thought it was one of those, he finally got over the heartbreak and is moving on songs.  It isn't.  It's still an amazing song performed by a country music legend and icon.

Mr Brightside by The Killers
One of the songs that always gets my head bobbing and swaying is Mr. Brightside.  I have no clue what the song is about, it just puts me in a good mood.  I'm finding myself typing to the rhythm of this song, which is nice, distracting and a little annoying.  There have been times when I have been writing something and when I do a quick little post read I notice the lyrics to the song I was listening too magically appear.  Except this time I'm typing to the rhythm.  I guess at this moment I have dancing fingers.  Which means all the typos that need to be taken care of are going to be rythmic typos...LOL!

Ride #2 by Warrant
I have always thought seeing some of my favorite bands grow and mature as I did was pretty cool.  One of the bands that did this and did it well, was Warrant.  This song is found on their fourth album.  Long gone are the simple and catchy tunes, but a real growth in subject matter and sound.  But whenever I hear warrant songs I feel like I need to tease my hair, wear some ripped jeans, get a case of beer and head to a concert.  Getting sweaty and drunk while trying to get some girls phone number and perhaps something more.  LOL...sadly most nights me and the guys would just go to someones house drink some more and talk about all the hot chicks we met, and "The ones we have a really good feeling about."

Lost You Anyway by Toby Keith
Toby Keith constantly pisses me off.  I love this guys music a lot.  When I happen to be in a great mood, I'll turn on the radio and without fail one of his heart ache songs start to play.  I have to give the man credit, he knows how to write a good heartache song.  As testament to his song writing ability, his heart ache songs really get to me.  Right down to my inner core I can feel the sadness.  I just wish when I'm in a How Do You Like Me Now mood, I'd would actually hear a How Do You Like Me Now song and not the "Lost You Anyway" song.  Which I guess is way to keep me humble because I know sometimes I need to be knocked down a peg.

Real World by Matchbox Twenty
I love Rob Thomas's voice.  It's not a pretty voice.  It's not a technical voice, but man it's a rock n roll voice.  When I hear the opening to Real World, I start the throat clearing and get ready to sing along.  This song hit's some of the same thoughts that seem to run rampant through my waste of grey matter.  Oh yeah which version of grey and gray is correct.  It confuses the spellchecker and it REALLY confuses the fool using the spellchecker because he never studied well enough to be a great speller.

Primal Scream by Motley Crue
ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!  My sweet ever loving gods of glam rock n roll, that always feels good.  This song always makes me want to just SCREEEEEEAM!!!  There are times when a good scream is just so cathartic and it's good for the lungs (I hear).  After a good scream I feel a sense of calmness, serenity and peace.  I don't do it much anymore, because it tends to freak people out (specifically my family and our neighbors).  But I've taken a walk down some trails and just ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHed.  Then walked home feeling all relaxed.  Ahhh...

But it's Better if You Do by Panic at the Disco
I just added Panic at the Disco to the MP3 player so I'm still learning some of the non-radio songs.  I think this might be one of them (I'm not an avid fan of the radio so I might be wrong) and it's not a bad little tune.  It may take a few listens to give it real fair shake but at this point it's a cool little ditty.

Sitting On The Dock of the Bay by Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam is one of MY FAVORITE bands.  I love everything they do.  They have even broadened my musical tastes with some of the covers they do of great songs.  Sitting On The Dock of the Bay is such a great song to begin with and listening to Eddie Vedder do the vocals gives me goosebumps.  The song has got such a great groove and when you add Eddie's passionate voice it's just awesome.  They're such a great Rock n Roll band.  I have problems writing whenever a Pearl Jam starts because, I just want to sit there and listen.

This is Not a Love Song by The Sex Pistols
THE SEX PISTOLS just have this simple, raw, and a big ol' eff you attitude and it comes through loud and clear in this song.  The song is angrily resounding and bouncing through my aging ear canals.  If I ever need a great little pick me up I just switch on the Pistols, the Ramones or the New York Dolls.  Just a bunch of guys who had more attitude than musical aptitude and the music clearly conveys this.  Sometimes that's what this aging make believe writer needs.

Dirty Love by Thunder
The "I'm through with you" and "I'm over you" songs have always been so empowering and give me a sense of "HA, In your face!!"  I mean not all my breakups were bad...some were terrible, but there is always this sense of relief from hearing one of these songs.  It never fails to brings a little smirk to my face.  I mean c'mon with a line that goes "It was only yesterday like a cheap suit you were all over me", that makes you want to throw your fist in the air with an "OH HELL YEAH!!!"

Imagine by Bon Jovi
Yes, I am a Bon Jovi fan...I have been since I saw them at Summerfest when they performed Silent Night.  They were on tour for their second album.  I was in awe over this song.  Well as I get older, their songs and sound have grown up some...just like me.  So when I heard Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora performing the song "Imagine" by the most Awesome John Lennon, I got that same feeling when I first heard them perform Silent Night, and became a fan all over again.  Now if you don't mind, I'm just going to listen to the rest of the song....

I Don't Believe in Love by Queensryche
This is another great band and I don't Believe in Love is such a great song.  I had to have been around 17 when I finally started listening to these guys.  I wasn't that big into progressive metal, until I heard this song for the first time.  I then started actively looking for some prog rock bands.  Thankfully I found Dream Theater, who are way AWESOME!   This is close to the age when music started to become more than just party songs for me.  This is the time period when the music was evolving into an aural art form.

Craig Christ by Stephen Lynch
This song is so unforgiving and thoroughly hilarious.  If you have a funny bone for irreverent humor set to catchy music then Mr. Stephen Lynch is totally for you.  I have a bunch of his songs in my MP3 player because the songs are good, catchy AND FRIKKEN FUNNY...and the music is actually pretty good too.

Can You Feel My Groove Thang by Moloko Shivers
We end this hour or so of How My Brain Truly Works, with a local band called Moloko Shivers.  They're this alternative rock/jazz fusion band from the almost forgettable city of Waukesha in the wonderful state of Wisconsin.  The song is called "Can You Feel My Groove Thang" and it really does have this really awesome groove.  I had the good fortune to personally know these guys for a little while.  The lead singer John wrote these awesome lyrics and was such a great front man.  His writing style has had an influence on wording and the way I pace much of my writings.  He is a really good guy, and I hope he's doing well.

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