Dec 5, 2009


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You know what has always bugged me?  Movie reviews that take a "I'm so much smarter than you" route.  Every movie review I have ever read takes this approach.  They sit there and with a fine tooth comb and condemn every aspect of the movie or they praise the intellectual aspects of this cinematic experience.

Me, I just want a simple review.  Did the movie achieve it's goal.  How was the acting?  Was the script/story any good.  Was the movie entertaining.  Add a positive comment.  Add a negative comment.  Finally make a simple scale and rate that movie accordingly.

It's not asking for much.

Reading a movie review shouldn't have to be a chore.

So let's make that scale

   1. Will never watch the movie again
   2. If I HAVE to I'll watch the movie again
   3. I will watch the movie again
   4. I look forward to watching the movie again
   5. I'll watch this movie everyday

Now let's review some movies...

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The story was OK, although the pacing of the movie felt slow at times and at other times the movie seemed choppy. To me, much of the dialogue seemed forced and didn't flow as well as it did in the first movie. Although these faults did not take away from the movie but, it did make the characters seem one dimensional. I guess my only real complaint is that nothing really happens. I kept waiting for something to make the movie feel special, something to make the movie just "POP" and that didn't happen. But the special f/x, which were used sparingly and used very well, did add to the aesthetics of this film.  Not being a girl or gay, this movie doesn't sway me with the "ga ga" factor but at least it wasn't horrible.

I give the movie a 2/5. It's nothing special, and it won't rewrite cinematic history, but it does have it's moments.

Love Hurts

This is a rare gem.   It's a romantic comedy that isn't fluffed or sugarcoated, instead it's intelligent, real and honest.  It's actually embraces the idea that you can have an  movie with a strong story and excellent acting and have it still be fun,
tragic, heartbreaking and enjoyable.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed this movie, and how much fun I'm going to have telling everybody they have to see it.

I give this movie a 5/5

Star Trek

Wowzers!! This was a fun ride! The story was excellent! The acting was was very good! The special f/x were amazing! They even offered an explanation as to why many events in the Start Trek Universe would be different! I'm actually struggling to find any real faults in this movie. Absolutely entertaining from beginning to end. That is unless you hate science fiction movies, or movies with "Star Trek" in the title.

I give this a 5/5.

Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian

They wasted time on
some gags, that didn't really work and they didn't really flesh out the new characters very well. It seemed that they wanted to put a little more bang into the movie with the special f/x that in turn made the story feel rushed. Even with all that said, it's still a fun and enjoyable movie. Definitely worth watching with the family at least once.

I give it a 3/5

My CD and Book recommendations

Glenn Danzig - Black Aria

A Dozen Black Roses by Nancy A. Collins

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