Jan 8, 2010


I wanted to do a year in review type thingy, but the first half of the year was very dark for me, and I didn't do very much.  After June though, there was a small sliver of light, guiding me out of my darkness.

That's where this begins.  I have written a lot of crap on Facebook, that I thought it would be fun to start from the beginning and share all of the idiosyncratic bull s**t that rolls around in my head.  So lets go and see what my year has been like...in Facebook style.

Now this second segment of my year in review is a nice short one, and unless you're on Facebook, you might not get it...but then again you might.  So here is the second installment for 2009 IN REVIEW...FACEBOOK STYLE


Damn you Facebook, I was supposed to jump in the shower 15 minutes ago...give me back my life!!!

Today was a day filled with guilty pleasures...Grilled Bacon and cheese sammiches, some Original Pringles, Some Peanut M&M's, a NON diet Pepsi, 4 hours of Californication and not once did Facebook get all douchey....now my friends, THAT was a slice of heaven.

I can't do the Fishville game anymore. I'm tired of feeling guilty because all of my cyber fish have died. With the exception of the ones you sell when you first start, I am guilty of DIGITAL FISHicide....so no more of that app...

I must be the never ending well spring of hate...because I tried to take the how many people hate you quiz...and the quiz refused to accept my answers. That my friends is an EPIC FAIL with mass amounts of ownage...at this moment I guess I am Facebook's beeeyotch

Jose is trying to do the math...how many friends will I lose when Favre and the Vikings win and I gloat about it on Facebook, because after the dust settles...Favre and the Vikings stand TALL!!! And for the Packers PROTECT YOUR QUARTERBACK...OR YOU'LL LOSE ANOTHER ONE!!!

Anyone else having issues with Facebook acting like a douchebag??

Diet coke, amp energy drink, full pack of smoke. I'm ready to take over the internet. If only I don't get distracted...OOOH FARKLE!!

rumble grumble stupid farkle rumble grumble how is it rassin frakassin possible to get 6 farkles *stomping on the ground* on the first shake in one game?

You know, here I was all happy with my little farm in farm town...and then I got some back to back "help" thingies. So I click on "I'll help", being a friend and all...Next thing I know I'm on some plantation, and all of a sudden I'm afraid my name is Toby

You know...I'm already addicted to the damn internet, and now Facebook gives me these games and quizzes too. My energy drink bill is gonna triple, and my sanity will become even more frayed. All of a sudden it feels good to be me. :D LOL

Stupid games, stupid farm, stupid sleep, the first two are addicting, the last one kicks my butt...good night

Damnit!!! The quizzes have me in their vice like, addictive grasp yet again!!

SWEET JESUS...I think I'm addicted to Facebook quizzes

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