Jan 9, 2010


I wanted to do a year in review type thingy, but the first half of the year was very dark for me, and I didn't do very much.  After June
though, there was a small sliver of light, guiding me out of my darkness.

That's where this begins.  I have written a lot of crap on Facebook, that I thought it would be fun to start from the beginning and share all of the idiosyncratic bull s**t that rolls around in my head.  So lets go and see what my year has been like...in Facebook style.

Now this last segment of my year in review is a another peek into the crap that spins around in my head.  You might not get it, or then again you might NOT want to get it...but then again you might.  So here is the last installment for 2009 IN REVIEW...and my MOMENTS OF INSANITY...and as usual I am so sorry to all of you for this...


I want to spend my days practicing to be a dirty old man. And I want to spend my nights putting that practice to use in real world settings.

I am not completely sure what, exactly, I would or wouldn't do for a Klondike Bar, but I would really like to see what all of my options are.

I got '10 Seconds'!!!

I feel so retarded right now, that I'm very much considering getting a helmet from the garage & that window looks like it needs a good lick.

Hahahaa, Mind Eraser

Damn straight...I Give Love a Bad Name...oh wait that aint a compliment

Since when does my fat a$$ attract girls that have homework...that's just gross...

I rode in a cop car today! In the front seat and not in the back! This made me happy! He wouldn't turn on the lights or the siren. This mad me sad. :(

I crave a microwaveable bean burrito, a BAWLS Guarana drink, a cigarette, and nibbly bits.

Hot Damn!!! I knew I was evil!! Thas right...*doing the Milli Vanilli dance*

That's awesome...I'm always this animal....when I jump in the shower

I don't think my brain is awake.

Heh...I know my chicks and broads...BTW this was a joke...sheesh

An attack womb would come in handy,
on grass & in the air,
An attack womb would be nifty,
over here, over there.
I wish I had an attack womb

DAAAAMN I JUST SUCK!!!! *handing over my star wars geek card*

I AM A GOD!!!! LMAO *taking back my star wars geek card*

Sadly this was a real conversation yesterday....
Him-"She's so hot!"
Me-"Dude she's an amazon, she can kick your ass!"
Him-"I know, just like Xena."
Me-"Dude She's so hot!"

OH SWEET AND MERCIFUL ZEUS!!!! That's me now!!! I am going to be one cranky SOB thas fo suuure. heh heh

Have you ever noticed that on a very good day, Frito's Corn Chips smell just like day old sweaty feet?

If Jesus loves me...why did he keep beating me up in grade school. Jesus was a mean kid...oh that was "Hey Zeus"...sorry Jesus, my bad!!

I will stab nuns and children with a rusty trombone for a RED BULL! Oh, no need to worry, I found one. The nuns and kids are safe...for now!

LMAO...actually I read the phrase on someones blog. And then I googled it after I used it here. I was shocked to see what it actually meant.

WOW, I guess I really enjoy watching myself talk...*backing away slowly from the keyboard*

I suck

I still SUCK!!

It's Tuesday, I'm on my last diet Coke, out of Red Bull and only 3 cigarettes left. This is not looking good. Not looking good day at all.

Wow...that's strangely accurate

OMG...that really is a corny line

Well, it is unfortunate, but I must rejoin the analog world and walk away from this digital domain. Be well, be free, be happy!

Good afternoon, friends...romans, and countrymen. I am Jose and sadly, these are my thoughts....... Have you ever noticed that most of the things you want are just a little out of reach, but all the things you need are already in your hands?

I was asked last night what kind of girl I look for...
Me-"Well, I'm looking for a desperate blind woman with loose morals."
Her-"You know you won't find someone like that on the internet."
Me-"oh yeah blind...internet...I think I swallowed a bug."

You know there is something scary, odd and reassuring that people remember you...or me.

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen, I'll waste more of your Facebook page tomorrow with more nonsense, gibberish and maybe some nugget of wisdom.

Good Morning one & all, or at least some & most, I am Jose, & my brain just threw up a little in my head, & all I got was this lousy t-shirt

This is going to be a good day!!!

And with that, good night my friends

I was just thinking...does anyone look back at pictures from high school and go "That was a great hair do"?

Aquanet was just a fine mist lacquer, in a spray can. I still shudder everytime I walk by it in the store.

What is on my mind? The uncontrollable desire for a Ponza Rotta, to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Oh crap...I think I'm thinking of Conan again. The Barbarian, not the O'brien.

I'm thinking of greasy goodness, and blood and guts...my god, can this night get any better"??

Does the devil always have "one hell of a day?"

If you drive by Target & you don't stop, does that mean you missed, your aim is off or it means absolutely nothing because this joke is lame.

Does anyone else have Hanson's Mmmbop in their heads right now? Because I do, and suddenly I feel like strangling some small blond children.

Damn woman!!...I think you've gotten MORE evil, as time passes...

Completely useless thought of the day...I would rather hang out with sinners than saints...only because the sinners dress way cooler, and by cooler I mean nekkid! Yay SINNERS!

Just bought a case of Amp energy. The locals look at me strangely. But the guy who spent $1000 on beer doesn't even get a second glance, hmm

Have fun...I would say I'm interested, but the last time I went camping it was at the Holiday Inn

"bake them cookies, lucille!!"

Because Bacon is not only a yummy food item...IT'S A YUMMY WEAPON TOO!!!

Welcome back to the land of air conditioning...and expensive electric bills

OK I have to say this...I've tried not say it for the last 14 hours unfortunately my will is week...So head...ass...so hard to tell them apart! Sorry, I tried to hold it back

No, but then again I live in a state of blissful ignorance

Jose completed the quiz "What stereotype do you fit?" with the result "Loner". - Woo hoo! I can't wait to tell all my friends...oh daamn!

I am such a geek. I am following Mal and Kaylee from Firefly, Dru and Tara from Buffy TVS, Phoebe from Charmed, Parker,  and Elliot from Leverage...SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

My inner geek hunts down tv/movie stars and wrestlers on twitter, reads comics and watches a lot of anime. Sadly my "inner Geek" started back before high school.

Did I mention Y2J, Maria, Eve, and Jeff Hardy...SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

The geek in me just wet himself...the NOT geek in me is pissed off at the geek in me. I have to many people in my head.

I guess I don't know my willy as well as I thought I did. - How Well Do You Know Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Jose beat 39% of all users who took this quiz!

crazy happy? yeah baby yeah!!

I can't believe I am still all SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Over the people I am following on twitter. Owwww!!! The NOT geek in me just kicked me the nether regions. I am thinking the NOT geek in me is pretty mean.

WOW! A brainstorm just hit...maybe I should stop arguing with myself in such a public forum. People may think I am crazy

and not the cool "Ozzy biting the head off a bat" crazy but the uncool "I shot Reagan to get Jodie Fosters attention" crazy.

Actually i deleted the first set of "crazy actions". I don't know how many children read over parents shoulders and I didn't want to be the reason for lil ones to go up to moms and dads and asking questions like..."What's a dirty sanchez?" or "what does he mean when he says doggie tiles aren't just for floors anymore?"

All this is more proof that I NEED A LIFE!!!

amber_benson - "Thanks for the follow - looking forward to your tweets!" SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. Amber Benson was Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she wrote this very cool book called Death's Daughter p.s.p.s. S

OH SNAP!!! I thinks Jose has a brand new internet toy!!! *giggle giggle*

I must go & face the real world. But I'll do it without my make up. It's an ugly world & I'll show it UGLY. I'm glad it's not a stinky world

Today has had too many emotional ups & downs. I wish I could go back to the old way of dealing with this. Sadly it's better this way *sigh*

sleepy time...good night internet, good night twitter, good night facebook, and good night john boy

I'm watching this vid & suddenly I feel tears on my cheeks. I'm crying and I Haven't a reason why http://bit.ly/ildk6

It is 9:16 AM and I can't believe I'm awake...what?...PM?...HUH?...really, the whole day?...Wow....*ahem* It is 9:16 PM and I can't believe I slept through an entire day! BE JEALOUS!! I just wish it was a crappier day to sleep through...

LMAO...well at least you didn't get the ones who apparently lose the ability to steer straight when using blue tooth...they usually wake the wrath of "the one hand steering, one hand flipping them off, while screaming obscenities that make the paint peel" beast.

yeah...but did you jump the sharks, like Fonzie did??

I hate misclicking...stupid 1/16 of an inch difference...

Really? I'm Giles? How come they don't mention "Ripper" at all?

Getting bored with radio and the non-mtv channel. Please send links to bands or music (all genre's) that you thnk need to listen too. Thanx!

In Nevada...It is illegal for any member of the Nevada Legislature to conduct official business wearing a penis costume while the legislature is in session.

Once again, I'll be wasting your time & killing your brain cells with drivel that I spew out regularly. Aww look it's all white and frothy!!

I counted my socks 3 times and paired them all up before they went in the washing machine. It's sad I know, but I was curious. I had an even number. After their trip in the dryer, I'm now missing 1 sock and have 3 incomplete pairs....

I made my bed, I slept in it....I made my bed, I slept in it...so why do I keep making my bed....or should the question be 'why do I keep sleeping in it' after it's made?

Is watching Supernatural Season 1 and I'm kicking myself for not watching this from the beginning...it's actually pretty spooky!!

I am home alone...because of this fact, I am tempted to don a white long sleeve shirt, white socks, sunglasses, tightey whiteys and play some Seger. Sadly I know someone out here has no clue what I am talking about, and this makes me feel old....older that is...heh

OMG...I never realized how homoerotic the vollyball scene in Top Gun is...it made me feel a little awkward...and a little curious...OK, maybe not THAT curious.

OK here's an odd question...why is it that people in TV and Movies always seem to have a lighter handy when they have to burn something...yet they do not smoke cigars or cigarettes, so the need to actually carry a lighter is unneccesary....just an observation

So I am in Waukesha right now and Jeff was watching Dr. Phil and is now watching Oprah...and I now know what pure evil sounds like.

It's Tuesday Night and I'm online in the garage; patiently waiting for Mom to wake up around 4ish AM because she happened to lock all the doors and is in a deep sleep at this very moment. Thank goodness I grabbed the laptop before I walked out the door :/

LMAO...the attacking rooster idea is awesome. And when I saw awesome, I mean AWWWWWWWWESOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO...Cougartown and Modern Family are hands down the 2 funniest shows I have seen this season...GOD BLESS HULU!!!

If someone says "This is a joint venture." who's brings the munchie snacks???

I'm sitting here achy, sore throat, worn down and can't sleep...It's like a hangover...but without the fun BUT all the memories remain

Sadly all the things I either remember or forget have no outside influence...unless that selective amnesia kicks in again

"The Expendables" movie will either be awesomeness that makes you sterile or an epic fail of "Waterworld" proportions, either way I'm stoked

I know...that's why it's so BIZZZZOOOOOW!!!

http://bit.ly/3Zu0qw Apparently there is a market for a cool vibrating electronic tattoo pen good for ages 5-11 years. I'm not kidding.

You know it seems weird to see Diedrich Bader on Bones acting all suave and cool.

OK ABC's Eastwick has got it's filthy little claws in me...HULU.com wants my soul, and I'm giving it freely...


Why thank you, It's nice to see you too...of course I mean that in "it's been a long time" kind of way, not the stalkerish "I'm looking in your window" way

LMAO...CONS ERX 300's rocked...they even "modernized" now they call it a "skate shoe"...I don't know whether to feel proud or sad that they are violating a teenhood memory

Hey folks...GUESS WHAT???? It's SNOWING!!! You know how I came to this conclusion...the last 24 hours of local news updates...of course looking out the frikken window, living in Wisconsin and the fact that it's December had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with my final conclusion...THAT IT'S SNOWING outside...and with that I pass

Welcome friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am snarky...like the way the Misfits treated Jem and the Holograms

Hello one and all today I am frozed from the tippy top of my head to the bottoms of my cockle shells but not my feet...they is toasty warm...like a cup of HOT coffee in a PAPER cup

"While you may be clumsy and awkward, you are beautiful and have a strong moral center." That RIGHT...you see that??? I am BEE--YOU--TEA--FULL...so all you bitches best not be hatin...LMAO...and why am I always the chick in all of these "which movie character" quizzes?

Welcome friends, cohorts and those that aren't either, to my Facebook page...Today I am smooth...like CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. with ultra hold for all weather control!

I had a Wendy's Double Stack Baconator Sammich. Sweet lovely bacon, two burger patties, and 2 slices of cheese. Curse you animals for tasting so good.

I did not climb to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian...of course once the sharks take to land and crocodiles learn to flourish in Wisconsin...I than retract my previous statement.

Welcome friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am smooth and delicious...like French Silk Pie!! That's right. FRENCH SILK PIE!!

Welcome friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am smooth like post winter roads...in Wisconsin

To enjoy Christmas, one must focus on the excitement, joy and anticipation that comes from the child who still believes that reindeer can fly, jolly ol' St. Nick, hats that bring snowmen to life, elves who want to be dentists and that on the 25th we celebrate the birth of hope and a promise of the good in peoples hearts. Which we, who get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, so often lose sight of.

Welcome friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am smooth like footprints... “The footprints you leave behind will influence others. There is no person who at some time, somewhere, somehow, does not lead another.”

Welcome friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am smooth like cool whip...all fluffy and sweet and not that healthy, but still very yummy

SMOOTH like a rolling stop...just keeps going and going and then you step on the gas

A new blog posted and now going to enjoy the new Doctor Who episode...life is AWESOME right now!!!!

Hello my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either, Today I am smooth like The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers Extended Edition disc 2...because that's where all the good action begins.

Hello my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am smooth, like a porcupine, just don't pet me the wrong way or you'll get an unpleasant surprise in your hand.

HOLY CRAP!!! Mtv2 is playing music videos!!! Well it's Nickleback, so I use the term Music loosely.

Welcome friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am smooth like the hardwood floors In Risky Business...but please use clean socks

"Having been witness to angels, seraphim and daemons, surely God is not so hard a stretch?" - Angels on Fire by Nancy A. Collins...Rules of the game: 1) Grab the book nearest you. 2) Right now. 3) Turn to page 56. 4) Find the fifth sentence. 5) Post that as your status and post these instructions. Keep the game going!!!

Hello my friends, cohorts and those that aren't either...Today I am smooth like a babies bottom...post-bath time NOT pre-bath time

My CD and BOOK Recommendations

Sue Witty - Hydroplaning Ragamuffin

Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon


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