Jan 14, 2010


Hello, welcome and damn it wipe your feet...what were you raised by animals?? Not in here buddy...not in here. Oh sorry...heh I'm trying to go smoke free. I am also one bitter human being right now....anyway.

The return of Awesome Apparel Thursday.  Here's t-shirts I have seen as I either surf the web or on some passerby.  Then, like a maniac, I try and find them on the internet, so I can do this.  Originally I would email them to friends and family...then they started sending me chain emails so I stopped sending them the funny shirts emails, and I stopped receiving chain emails.  Which now means YOU my friends, cohorts and those yet undecided...you now get them.  YAY!!!!

The first Tee can be found at...


The second Tee can be purchased from...


Tee number three comes from the sick minds of...

International Electrophonic Unit

aka CafePress(DOT)com/electrophonic

and Last but not least...

from Noir Kennedy albeit I did not see it on their website, that is where the image comes from so....

and with that my dear comrades, I pass...

My CD and Book recommendations

The Murmurs - The Murmurs

Cat Scratch Fever by Tara K. Harper

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