Jan 22, 2010


In my dreams...

I've held you as a baby and I watched you grow up.

We shared laughter and tears.

I watched you blow out each and every birthday candle.

I taught you to ride your bike.

I drove you on your first date and kept my fears silent as I trusted your judgment.

The screams, I didn't yell, when you sat behind the wheel.

I was there to pick you up when you fall, wipe away your tears and kiss the boo boo goodbye.

I kept the monsters from under your bed and from your closet at bay.

We talked about sex, love and marriage.

We talked about the importance of trust and the pain that lies cause.

I remember your first step and the first word you spoke.

I answered all of your questions, even the embarrassing ones.

I held your hand.

I showered you with hugs and kisses.

My heart broke just a little bit when you said "I'm too old for that."

But the dream is over and you've gone away.

In the waking world I have never shared those moments; never had those precious memories.

Just empty echoes of dreams.

But when I lay my head down and dream...

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