Feb 23, 2010


The smoke unfurls before my very eyes

burning them and leaving behind

the tears it can not cry.

The wispy child, a lovely ghost,

a child of the beast,

that exists to devour.

Like a scorned lover racing

towards the heavens

where it fades into nothingness.

The dancing flame with scalding tendrils

reaching after it

only pushes it further away.

It's offspring it can no longer hold.

Alone and dying the flame roars

and snaps at it's terrible loss.

Embers float like burning snow,

The fire can only do what it knows,

it burns.

It burns until there is nothing left but ash.

It consumes itself in it's never ending need

to gorge, char and to burn.

Finally the flickering starts to fade,

and the glowing embers dissipate,

The escaping children,

dance a lonely dance,

to a melody unheard.

begin to fade from life.

Soon only the ashes remain...

to be blown away

by the passing wind.

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