Feb 3, 2010


In my reflection I see an animal, a beast
Primal, stealthy, hungry
Crawling on its belly, hunting
Haunches taut
Eyes aware
Twitching ears
Claws gripping at the dirt
Ready to pounce
Ready to flee

In my reflection I see an inner child, so lost
Running, laughing, crying
Spinning, staring up at the sky
Still dreaming
Out of breath
Pure Laughter
Arms stretching, hands open
Touching heaven
Feeling nothing

In my reflection I see a bad seed, so rotten
Kicking, punching, screaming
Fighting a world he can't escape
Lip bleeding
Welts growing
Shame spreading
Pain filled shrieks go unheard
No one listened
Not one person.

In my reflection I see a place that never was
There was no safe haven
No gentle arms to keep him safe
No sweet dreams
No kind words
Constant fear
Creaking doors still haunt him
Sleeps to hide
Sleep won't come

In my reflection I see the scars, no one else sees.

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